St Stephens Church Hall

VH 2 IMG_1440The Church Hall has been a part of St Stephens Church since it was built over 100 years ago.

The Church has recently taken back control of the hall, after a period of 35 years in the control of the village community group MADCA. They were responsible especially in the early years for bringing the hall back into an habitable space.

Since taking it back in September 2011 the management team appointed by The Church PCC have started the process of investing and improving the hall using in the main the surplus income attained after all everyday expenses have been covered. The first year saw the installation of accessible toilets (helped by a £5000 grant by MADCA which they had promised on switchover)

In the second year we put in replacement windows and some new doors. The church highly recommends the installers for the high quality of their workmanship:-

ID Glass&Glazing

Tel: 01606 872594

Fax: 01606 872598

Our 3rd project was to see whether we could convert the small room off of the hall into a more inviting space. This was accomplished by a team of churchgoers who firstly stripped the old wallpaper off, replaced old fashioned tiles with new skirting boards and then re decorated and painted and had a new carpet fitted. We renamed it “The Green Room” after the colour scheme we used.

The 4th project was to make the back room which is Moulton Pre Schools home into a more child friendly area. Initially creating more enclosed outside space, we then turned to the inside to create a “young peoples” bathroom along with modernising the kitchen. This was part funded by CWACC & Pre School.

The next on the list for attention was to replace the boiler. This will be of great benefit to all users and will also help us to keep the gas bill down. The new one was installed in August 2015

In the same month, we started to get to grips with painting the rather dated colour scheme which existed in the hall. On completion the whole hall will have a more lighter & cleaner feel to it. We also managed to paint the kitchen area in yellow!! This will be ongoing until completed.

In 2016, two more projects took place. (i) To convert the old balcony which had become a bit of a dumping ground. This was acheived by boarding it up (David Wakefield Maintenance) including double glazed windows (again I.D.) & (ii) To extend the Pre Schools outside area to right across the top of the grassed area. This was in readiness for another building extension of which planning permission as been granted.

The hall continues to be run for the benefit of the whole of Moulton and is available to be booked for village and community events with the proviso that it is respectful of our Christian Faith.

The village groups that use St Stephens Hall as their base are Moulton Drama Group, Moulton Pre School & Moulton Brownies . Also in residence are  Coffee & Chat, Moulton Pantomime Players, A Karate School,DancingKidz and Sutton School of Dance.


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